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How To Do A Hang-5

Chris M. and doworkbmx break down the process of learning the hang-5 into a three-step method: getting into the trick, actually riding the hang-5, and landing it.

Brian Gavagan from PlusSizeBmx shares the measurement method of using the lines from parking lot spaces. Once you can go the length of two parking spaces, you officially have it on lock!

In this clip from Props, Chad DeGroot demonstrates how using a curb can aid your learning process:


Yet another different idea for a learning tool: VOVKARFRC suggests dragging your balance foot along the ground until you're comfortable with the proper balance point.


Here's an instructional from BMXFreestyler. Jason suggests picking the back end up as slowly as you can, and experimenting with different adjustments until you find the right formula:


As important as anything else: have patience and keep at it! Rad Dad's "Diary of a Hang 5" shows that it can take a long time for even the most dedicated riders to master: