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Frequently Asked Questions About Flatland

I saw someone doing BMX flatland tricks and thought it looked cool. How can I get started doing this stuff myself?

Do you already have a BMX bike? If so, then start trying tricks on it! If not, then figure out your budget for a bike, get one, and start trying tricks on it. It's really that simple; don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I have a BMX bike, but it isn't necessarily geared toward flatland. Can I get started on this bike until I have something more flatland-specific?

ABSOLUTELY. Check out this classic vid of Chad Johnston, one of the most unique pro riders in the world. No brakes, no pegs, no problem!

Granted, Chad is HIGHLY skilled, and he definitely used to ride with brakes, a cable detangler, and pegs; but his example just goes to show that there are no rules here, so don't go imposing any on yourself for no good reason.

And if that doesn't convince you, then check out these South American cats getting extremely busy on freaking MOUNTAIN bikes.

Anytime I catch myself feeling bummed because my bike doesn't have an integrated headset, or because it weighs 26 pounds instead of 24, I think of these guys, and tell myself to shut up and go ride already.

Can females ride flatland too?

Riders like Erin Donato and Monika Hinz (below) can provide the answer to that.

Okay, so I've got a fair chunk of change (between $300 and $1000), and I want to buy a bike that is not only capable of flatland, but intended for it. What should I get?

There's a long answer to that, and a short answer.

First, the long answer...

The right choice of bike for you depends on a number of factors, including the following:
  • Are you intending to use the bike for other purposes aside from just doing flatland tricks? Or do you have other uses in mind, such as actual transportation? 
  • Are you also interested in other forms of stunt riding, such as dirt jumping or street riding? 
  • Just how much money are you ready to drop on this bike, anyway? 
  • How sure are you that this is an activity which you'll be wanting to do for a long time?   Are you still just checking it out, to determine whether it'll be fun for you in the long term?   Or are you already sure that you'll be married to the game for life, and you've now got a "FLATLAND" tattoo across your belly like Terry Adams? 
  • Do you mind purchasing pre-owned stuff?  Or are you only comfortable buying brand new goods? 
  • Are you freakishly tall, short, or heavy?  

So that was the long answer.

For the short answer, we will name one bike for a specific situation.  Let's say there's no way you can spend or save more than about $350, and you're for some reason completely opposed to buying anything that isn't brand new.  In that case, the one option that stands head and shoulders above all others is the DK Opsis.  At that price point, there's no bike available on the market right now that compares.

Having said all that, part of the riding experience is unavoidably going to be trying out a bike setup or parts which you've never tried before; deciding what you do or don't like about them; and adjusting from there.  First and foremost, the most important thing is to get you on a bike and start you off riding.

I  have a BMX bike, but it isn't necessarily set up for flatland.  How can I make the most out of it?

Check out these tips to set up your bike for flatland.

Okay, I got a bike to ride.  What trick should I learn first?

The answer, of course, is "whatever trick you most want to learn."

But since you're probably here because you think that all the tricks are cool (they are!), and you just want to identify one that is suitable for a beginner, but will serve as a good foundation for other tricks which you will develop as you progress... the answer becomes:

Start by first mastering the Fork Glide.

There sure are a ton of different tricks out there.  In what order should I learn them?

Here's one sample "curriculum" of flatland tricks for a beginner.