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Bike Maintenance

You can thank Mattyhixx for posting these very useful info images on the message board at Global-Flat:

Check out Matt Wilhelm's super-useful series of videos on how to build your BMX bike:

How To Install A New Pair Of Grips

 There are lots of people on the web saying that you should use things like hair spray, WD-40, etc. to install a new pair of grips... well, forget all of those.  This is the one and only best way to do it.  No muss, no fuss.  All you'll need is a handful of new plastic zip-ties, as shown here by kyll89:

How To Replace An Inner Tube

Here is an excellent video tutorial, courtesy of Ride BMX: John Bocan at Morning Ride BMX shows you how to properly fix a flat tire. Video filmed and edited by Fat Tony.

How To Make Your Own Stem Pad

Tired of banging your knees on the back of your stem?  Click this link for instructions on How To Make Your Own Stem Pad.