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It Pays To Be A Pack Rat

A word to the wise: when you inevitably end up replacing parts on your bike, don’t throw anything away.  Keep all your old parts on hand, because you never know when you might need them again someday.  Even if you’ve decided that you definitely don’t like this stem or that brake, it’ll pay to keep it around.  Your new stem or brake might fail on you; and then if you don’t have a backup on hand, you’ll be stuck without anything at all to use in the meantime while you wait to get a permanent replacement.  Since many people buy flatland parts online, that could cost you several days of riding if you have to wait.

Aside from the component itself, you might also come to need the miscellaneous nuts, bolts, and small pieces that come with it.  If you have extra nuts, bolts, washers, springs, spacers, cable ends, or whatever else: keep them all!  If not, you may come to regret it.

Keeping all these random parts stored can get to be a hassle.  I used to stash them in an old shoe box; but that didn’t help to keep all those little parts organized, and the cardboard eventually came apart.  Then I wised up and got a fishing tackle box:

Now my tools and all those little parts can be kept in separate compartments, all in one sturdy plastic container with a little handle to boot.  Get one for yourself!  It’ll be the best few bucks you ever spent.

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