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Full-length flatland films for FREE viewing at DiversionTv.Com

If you don't already know about Diversion TV, do yourself a favor and check out their library of full-length flatland videos for FREE online viewing!  Below are just a few of our favorites:

Ground Rules Vol. 1: Instructional video by Matt Wilhelm, the guy you saw riding on "America's Got Talent"!

Same Thing Daily featuring Dane Beardsley, Jody Temple, Bobby Carter, Brian Chapman, Gabe Kadmiri, Simon O'Brien, Aaron Behnke, Leif Valin, Hamilton Abe, Shintaro Misawa, Alexis Desolneux, and Travis Collier.

Impulsivity: A video snapshot documenting the riding of flat legends Martti Kuoppa and Jorge Gomez from 2005-2008.