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If This Guy Can Learn To Fork Glide, So Can You

It's often said that the first step in any journey is the hardest and most intimidating. With that in mind, it's no wonder that so many beginners need a lot of help with the most basic, foundational of tricks: the fork glide.

But anyone who really wants to do so can learn this trick. And once you have this one down, it serves as a building block for learning more and more tricks; and from there, the sky's the limit.

To demonstrate that anyone can do this, we took a total non-BMXer, taught him how to fork glide, and documented the whole process from the beginning. Our friend Dan is a master fisherman, a father of two, and is a huge fan of Roxette and mixed martial arts. But he doesn't know jack about BMX or flatland, so he's as raw a beginner as you can find. Spoiler alert: on his 22nd try, we had him busting a full fork glide circle around a basketball half-court! He didn't ride into it or ride out, and he didn't necessarily have it totally mastered; but it became clear that he could learn this trick, and any others that he were to put his mind to.

And the same is true for you: whether it takes 22 tries or a million, you too can do this stuff if you really want to.

Check out Dan's learning process from the very beginning:

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