Welcome to BmxFlatland.Net, a resource for the beginner BMX flatland bike rider, featuring how-tos, videos, bike reviews, and more.

Welcome to BmxFlatland.Net! This site will feature content that appeals to all levels of riders, but its main purpose is to help those who have just started - or are considering starting - to ride flatland. The site is not intended to include everything in the world about flatland; other sites do a good job with their various roles already, so no need to duplicate them all here. Rather, we will aim to provide the info and resources that new riders need, and to present it in a simple, organized, and easy-to-navigate manner. There's a lot of information to get lost in out there on the web, so this site will aim to provide clarity for the riders that need it most of all: beginners.

The site certainly isn't yet "finished" at the moment, and probably never really will be. It will evolve according to what is or is not furthering its goal of assisting new riders.

To kick things off, check out our interview with Bobby Carter, up now! We pick his brain about his latest projects, the character traits it takes to ride flatland, what kind of people would never be able to ride flat, and more.

Enjoy! To paraphrase one of my turntablist heroes, DJ Babu: this site is dedicated to flatland riders past, present, and future.

All the best,
Mike C